• Now

    Digital Architect / Marketing Contractor

    Following the 2008 GFC, HuxburyQuinn’s office was devastated by the 2011 Brisbane Flood.  I dismantled the business office structure and refocused on agility. Now I work with a team of hand-picked industry experts, accrued from over two decades in the creative industry. The benefits of a remote workforce allow flexibility to adapt to project requirements quickly. I’ve worked on a variety of involved projects, and the excitement of creating and delivering innovative customer experiences is what drives me.

  • 2008

    HuxburyQuinn - Business Manager

    In 2008 I transitioned to the role of Business Manager at HuxburyQuinn Marketing and Advertising. Working with businesses across diverse industry sectors, I developed and implemented a countless number of communication strategies, marketing campaigns, websites designs and evolved my customer experience service.

  • 2006

    HuxburyQuinn - Art Director

    I joined HuxburyQuinn as Art Director. Overseeing a team of designers, project managing the daily plethora of branded creative that flowed through the studio. I assisted the Managing Director with new business development, concept pitches as well as team management.  Responsible for client liaison, production management and strategy implementation. I developed an acute attention to detail and honed my strategic thinking.

  • 2003

    Crest Electronics - Art Director

    Promoted from freelance contract designer to full-time Art Director, I worked with all levels of management and internal departments – marketing, sales, product, corporate, IT and accounts. Repackaging over 900 domestic products and 435 products for international release in eight languages. I managed the design process from concept to completion working with a team of graphic designers rolling out – product design, packing design, product photography, catalogues, point-of-sale, marketing and advertising collateral. Crest was a complex project environment where I exploded with resourcefulness; creativity; solution-oriented thinking and developed my project and staff management skills.

  • 2002

    Phillips Group - Art Director

    Phillips Group is one of Brisbane’s most successful corporate communications companies. Working with Government Sectors, Infrastructure, Finance, Energy and Resources and Retail Clients, I was responsible for the project management and production workflow between in-house and external suppliers of a wide range of highly engaging, targeted print and digital communication collateral. Annual reports, prospectuses, takeover documents, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, corporate brochures, infographics, media advertising materials, websites and videos.

  • 2001

    Crest Electronic - Contract Freelance Graphic Designer

    I joined the internal design department as a freelance graphic designer. Working with three other team members, we produce the 25th Anniversary product catalogue, digital product photography, packaging design concepts, sales and corporate presentation materials.

  • 1998

    Self- Employed

    My fist time taking the plunge into self-employment. Working with a variety of retail clients, I provided graphic design, marketing  and website development (Hand coding HTML websites in notepad ) LOL

  • 1996

    The Advertising Works - Acting Studio Manager

    This is old school advertising, on the cusp of computer to plate publishing.  Working with then state of the art Apple LaserWriter using Aldus PageMaker and Quark Express, outputting coloured artwork to film separations. Reflecting back it makes me smile, look how far the industry has come. Stock photography was purchased on CD’s and Google didn’t even exist.

  • 1993

    NK Design - Junior Designer

    I moved to the big city, for my first full-time job as a graphic designer. Under the guidance of the art director, I work with some pretty large clients, Medical Benefits Fund of Australia Limited (MBF), Boystown Art Union, Qld Deaf Society Art Union to name a few. I worked with a Linotype Linotronic 300 typesetter, waxed bromides and hand overlay CMYK specification for the pre-press film. WOW ! what a trip down nostalgia lane.

    Being a confessed nerd in the 90’s was no mean feat. I oversaw the specification and implementation of a PC windows network and trained my boss on how to use CorelDRAW.

  • 1993

    Queensland Magnesium - Contract Designer

    Project management, hand illustration and graphic design of safety instruction manuals and signage.  Played a hand in coding, animated plant systems, computer training module.

  • 1993

    CIAE - Graphic Designer

    Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education (CIAE) now called Central Queensland University (CQU).

    A long-service-leave cover, contract position as a graphic designer. I operated and managed the university internal design department, producing signs, flyers and graphics for the video department.

    Living in Rockhampton – it was costly posting out samples of my artwork for job applications in Brisbane. I used the university resources and created a VHS resume tape, which I then posted with my applications. I am certain this creative thinking helped land my job as a junior designer with NK Design.

  • 1989

    Associate Diploma in Graphic Design

    Everything in this course was about hand drawing skills. Right on the cusp of computer graphics, our lectures didn’t even know how to use the computers, and other than type setting, the computer were band. So basically I’m self taught.

  • 1983

    IBM Desktop

    International Business Machines (IBM) Personal Computer (PC) IBM 5150PC  with dual floppy disk.  Mainly used for word processing using WordPerfect. Funny how a name sticks – to this day, I still refer to windows operating systems as PC’s.

  • 1982

    Commodore 64

    My first introduction into basic programming language and animation.

    I digitally mapped the outline of a panther on a font character map. And just like old school animation, saved each frame of the animation as separate character maps. I got a mate from school, who was then programming in binary,  to write a script to display and cycle through each character map to create the seamless animation loop of a panther running.

    I can still remember being blown away when I received a floppy disk with Kung Fu Fighting audio track. For the nerds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rN-Mwblqbw

    I had constructed wooden lock box with felt lining to house over 50 floppy discs of games. Using mums hole puncher to make the disks double sided (!NERD ALERT!). I had so many games, it was hard to keep track of which games were on each disk. With my mate’s help, we created, what I think would have been the first Disc Manager software. Awesome Memories.

  • 1980

    First Computer - Sinclair ZX80

    Sinclair ZX80  – I still have this computer in the original box. 1 kb of static Ram and 4 KB of Read-Only Memory (ROM), and it still works!
    I’m thinking about selling this as a collectors item.