Kriesi Enfold pop-up content shortcode demo


Inline text link: click here to pop-up content

[mfp_post_popup post_slug_id="10" popup_id="pop_1" link_text="click here to pop-up content"]


To pop-up content using an  Avia Layout Button style you can use 1 of 2 methods.

OPTION 1 – Paste the following class in the shortcode:

button_class=”avia-button avia-color-theme-color avia-size-medium”

To update the style of the button, you would need to change the appropriate AVIA CSS class.

[mfp_post_popup post_slug_id="10" popup_id="pop1" link_text="click here to pop-up content"  button_class="avia-button  avia-color-theme-color avia-size-medium"]

OPTION 2 – Set the Shortcode Button option to true.

The AVIA button code is hardcoded in the shortcode output. If you want all your pop-up buttons to be the same then use this option.

[mfp_post_popup post_slug_id="10" popup_id="pop1" link_text="click here to pop-up content"  button="true"]


To pop-up content using an active link on an image.

Add the URL to the image using image_link=“” within the shortcode.

To hide the default link_text=”Click Me”,  make sure that text_link=“” is include but empty.

[mfp_post_popup post_slug_id="10" popup_id="pop1" link_text=""  image_link=""]


[mfp_post_popup post_slug_id="10" popup_id="pop_delay_1" link_text="" popup_delay="5"]

The time delay is based on page first load for any given browser session.

The content will  pop-up and appear only once!

This is a great feature if you want to bring to the user’s attention a promotion or subscription reminder after arriving at any given page. Yes! you can have multiple popups.

To test the demo – reload the page link below in a new incognito window.

Note! Please close all current incognito windows – to kill the current incognito session. In Google Chrome right-click on the link below and select “Open link in incognito window” from the dialogue box.